Chandler and I

Chandler and I

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Congratulations Talon!

For the past months you have given me a few signs letting me know that you are ready to begin potty training. I kept thinking to myself not now, right before the holidays there is way too much going on to add that on top of it. So I continued to put it off. As the holidays came to a close your interest in being a big boy grew. Finally I broke down and bought you some big boy under ware scared of the unfamiliar journey I was about to embark on, because honestly I was putting it off for as long as I could.

It took you two days with only two little accidents and one surprised and happy mom and you have nailed it!! Both Mommy and Daddy are so so proud and happy for you. You seem so happy to be able to do this on your own.

Today is day three and you have not had one accident all day! (even through your nap!) You go without being reminded, I just can't believe how grown up you are! Congrats my baby! We love you

Love Mom and Dad!


Cherice said...

YAH!!! Good Job Talon, you re such a big boy!!! Way to go MOMMY!!! You ll have to give me pointers when Crae is ready. I am clueless on what to do, but I was pretty clueless from day one with Crae and I have managed :-)!!! Lets for sure replan our lunch date. Crae is walkin now and would love to run around w the boys!! Lots of love girl!!

Crystal :@) said...

That is way AWESOME!!! Now you can come to my house and Potty Train Alaya for me! haha!!

Jellybean said...

Nooo Dont Do It T-Bone Peein' Your Pants Is Fun...Just Kidding Im Proud of You.. I Love You Talon..

Annie McEwan said...

Hey Courtney! It's so good to see your blog. I can't believe how fast your family has grown. It has been forever since I've seen you or Chan. We definitely need to plan a night and get together! What's your email address and then I can get your number and stuff.

aleciamar said...

Hey Courtney! I am so glad you found my blog! Your kids are adorable and it looks like things are going really well for you! I am adding you to my friend list :)

Anonymous said...

Good job Talon! It's so cool that he wanted to learn on his own. Betta you can't wait till Kylies old enough. I found your blog i'm so excited!

Mandee Robison said...

Courtney, Your kids are so so cute! i love your family picture, you look so pretty. We need to all get together again for lunch or dinner.