Chandler and I

Chandler and I

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Happy Birthday Talon! I can't believe you are already three! Mommy and Daddy love you so so much!
Talon's 3rd birthday was short little and so so sweet! What made it extra special this year was that his grandma and grandpa Reading were able to make it for his party for the first time. Between Chan and I however he is never left without having a grandparent around. Talon is loved by so many grandparents and he loves every single one of them so so much. We are so grateful to get to spend the time with each of them that we do.... We love you all! Thanks for everything you guys do!

Talon just turned 3 and he is so excited about it! He can count 10 and sing his ABC's! He loves to sing is ABC's. He loves his sister and takes such good care of her! He has become such a big help for me, and sometimes a trouble maker. This kid has attitude now and is super bossy! I am not always so thrilled about that! lol But he really is a super super sweet kid. He is so much fun to hang around and so funny. His favorite question right now is "what's that?" and he will ask it over and over again. He is so so sweet to his baby sister and you can tell he just adores her. Kiley will sometimes give Talon a big bear hug around the neck in an attempt to wrestle him down and he just lets her and Kiley loves it. They already fight which is funny and sometimes annoying! lol But it has been so much watching their relationship grow. You can really see how close they have become and will hopefully stay.

For Talon's birthday he received this really cool scooter. He loved it and has had so much fun riding it!


Kiley is finally walking!! It has been so much fun watching her grow up! She has got quite the personality now! She knows she is the princess of the family and in so thinks that she should always get her way! She loves to tease her big brother by stealing his toys. A lot of times Talon is more than happy to share but other times he is not as friendly. Kiley also likes to wrestle and play with her big brother! She only likes Talon's toys and you can tell she wants to be just like him! She also loves to comb and play with her hair like mommy. We love her and can not get enough of her she has been so much fun!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Kiley!

I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! I can not believe that my little girl is already one. It makes me kinda sad, but also excited because as she gets older the more her wonderful personality comes through and we get to enjoy the experience of getting to know our little girl better.
Kiley is loved by so many people. We have a huge, but wonderful family. Needless to say her first birthday party was really really big. It seemed like a lot for one little girl that didn't really understand what was going on anyway. As her mother I felt so blessed to have so many people in our lives that care so much about us, as we do them!
I would just like to thank everybody that came and thank them for all the wonderful presents they gave to Kiley. She has really enjoyed her new toys, and I have loved putting her in her in clothes. Thank you everyone! We love you all every every much!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I tried to get Talon to play in the snow with me. I was so excited because I loved playing in the snow when I was a kid, and then when we would come inside my mom would have hot chocolate and cookies for us. That is what I wanted to do this day, however Talon didn't love the snow as much as I thought he would, or the hot chocolate, but he did love the cookies! Maybe next year he will like the snow more! Or Maybe we will move to Arizona!.... What? A girl can dream right?

All bundle up just trying to make it through the winter!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Cardinals!

GO Cardinals!! I am so so excited that Arizona won today!! During thanksgiving we went to Arizona to spend thanksgiving with my family and we were able to go to a Cardinals game. It was so much fun. They were playing the Giants and I am a Giants fan, but I was really impressed on how well they have done through the playoffs. Last week as the Cardinals game began the announcer say that the Cardinals just needed to sit back relax and enjoy the game because no one expects them to win the game, and they are already on borrowed time! I know I am lame, but I was totally annoyed! I told Chan that I hoped that they would kick butt and go all the way to the super bowl!! AND THEY HAVE!!!!!!! I have never watched a more intense game in my life. I loved it!

The Cardinals Field when we were there!! and Where they won today!!!!!

Chan and I at the game!

Danielle and her husband Nate, Three of my bothers Corbin the taller one, Kyle and Kole are the twins, and me and Chan standing in front of the Cardinals Field

Good Luck at the Super Bowl, kick the Steelers butt!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Memories of 2008!

These Pictures are old, but I just wanted to take a look back at our year. I can't believe how much a baby changes in a a year! Kiley is such a wonderful blessing to our family and we sure have had a wonderful time gettting to know her! Especially Talon, I can't believe how close those two our! Best friends from the beginning.

Favorite Pictures of 2008

Best Friends!
Just chillin and watching some TV