Chandler and I

Chandler and I

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How Fast They Grow!

I can't believe how fast my two little ones are growing up. They sure are fun though, Kiley can say Mama now, and she is crawling really really fast and will get into everything that she is not supposed too. She can also pull herself up now. She is so much fun!! Talon is such a really cute big bother he is so protective of her it is so cute!! When she cries he will run to her aid and do whatever he can to make her happy. And if he can't help her he will bug me until I stop what I am doing and take care of his little sister. Just last night, they started to really interact with one another while playing. Talon got on all fours and was chasing Kiley and she would just take off and laugh her head off. When Talon got up to her, he would then take off and Kiley would chase him. It was so fun to watch and need to see them interact with one another.
Kiley started to say baba, and I am pretty sure it is baba as in brother cause she'll say it when she wants his attention. Today while she was crawling up the stairs after Talon she was yelling baba. So I told Talon, "Talon, she is calling for her bother." So Talon said, "oh cute, Kiley cute" So big boyish. He is FINALLY starting to talk really well.


Reading's said...

I have the most beautiful grandbabies in all the world. Courtney the blog is amazing and It will be great for me to see the babies. I love how much Talon takes care of Kiley and it is fun that they are interacting more. Between Talon and Chan boys wont have a chance with Kiley (whew). We love you always, Grandma Reading

MAGLEBYS said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever heard. How fun. OOOH I want a little girl. They are so sweet. I love my Crae so much but there is something about little girls!! Love you hon.

Ashley said...

hey court!! You should have received my blog invite by now, HOPEFULLY!!!! If not let me know and i will resend it!!! hope things are going good for you!!!

wizzity said...

Well it is about time you got your blog up and running. It looks like things are going really well.