Chandler and I

Chandler and I

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Talon and Kiley

Talon is now two years old. His favorite thing in the whole world is guitar hero. He calls it rock, he'll wake up every morning and ask, "Mommy rock?" and before I can even say anything he follows with a yeah, like yeah I can come on mom. He loves his baby sister. If she is crying and he feels that I am not doing anything about it, he will say mommy, mom five billion times until finally he'll say, "mommy, Kiley sad!" She is the first thing he asks for when he wakes up as well, Mommy, Kiley? as he shrugs his shoulders like he doesn't know where she is.

Kiley is 5 months old and can already roll to where she wants to go. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. It makes me really sad. I remember always feeling with Talon that I couldn't wait until he started doing this or until he was older, but with Kiley I just want her to slow down and be a baby baby for a while. She is a ton of fun already!


Danielle said...

Courtney! It's Danielle (Reiber)! Remember me? How are you? I saw your blog from Natalies! It looks like you guys are doing great! Where are you living? I'd love to chat with you-email me at

matesen said...

Courtney! I found your blog and now I can keep up to date with you! I have one too, so you will have to check it out!

Amber Hemsley said...

Where have you been? I am so excited, I found you off of Natalie and Colbys blog. Your babies are so cute!! My blog is

Ashley said...

hey i just found you on someone else's blog and i thought i'd check it out. YOur kids are darling!! i also have a blog too,
hope all is going well. Take care. :)

Kristin said...

Court, send me an e-mail, and i'll send you an invite to our blog, if you even care. You're kids are cuties.